7 Expert Tips for How to Masturbate Longer

Wondering how to masturbate for longer amounts of time? Read on to learn why you might want to masturbate for longer and tips on how to jerk off longer if that’s your goal!

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What Does Sexually Active Mean? Expert Definition

What does sexually active mean? Why do doctors ask this? Is there a one-size fits all sexually active definition? Read on for more clarity!   What Does Sexually Active Mean To Your Doctor? The most common context in which you will be asked if you are sexually active is at your doctor’s office. But what does sexually active mean in this context? To clear this up, we need to go over why doctors ask this question. They aren’t trying to be invasive; they are trying to assess your risk for particular health conditions, namely pregnancy (if you’re able to get pregnant) and STDs. It follows, then,[…]

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Where Do Girls Pee From? How Do They Pee?

Where do girls pee from? If you’ve got questions about female anatomy, we’ve got answers. In this article, we will go over the basic anatomy of the female genital area and answer the question: how do women pee? We’ll also discuss how it differs from men’s urinary system and answer other FAQs about women and their pee holes.

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47 Fascinating Eye Twitching Superstitions From All Over the World

An eye twitch may be a minor annoyance, but can it also signal the arrival of an enemy or a wealth of riches? Is there a meaning behind your twitching eye? Eye twitching myths exist around the world. In this guide, we explain the most common left and right eye twitching superstitions then discuss what science knows (and doesn’t know) about the causes of eye twitches. We end with tips that can help you get your eye to stop twitching sooner if it’s bothering you. Let’s get started so you can learn what that twitching eye means.

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6.5 Inch Penis: Big, Small, or Average?

Wondering about penis size? Is 6.5 inches small? Is it big? In this article we’ll break down how a 6.5 inch penis compares to the general population. We’ll also discuss what a 6.5 inch penis—or any size penis, really—means for you in terms of you (and your partner’s) sexual pleasure and function. We also have advice for you if you’re feeling down about your size. Note: We are aware that not everyone with a penis identifies as a man (and not everyone with a vagina identifies as a woman). We have tried to keep the language as inclusive as possible.

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What Is 4-Fa? Is It Fun? Is It Safe?

Are you interested in 4-fa, also known as 4-fluoroamphetamine or 4-FMP? In this total guide to 4-fa, we’ll go over what this research chemical is, if 4-fa is legal, and if it’s safe. We’ll also discuss what taking 4-fa is like and how to procure and take 4-fa yourself while minimizing risk, including guidelines on 4-fa dosage.

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What Is Taking 4-HO-MET Like? Is It Fun? Safe?

Interested in trying 4-HO-MET? In this total guide to 4-HO-MET,  also called metocin, we’ll tell you everything you need to know about the drug.  We’ll describe what it is, if it’s legal, if it’s harmful, what taking 4-HO-MET is like, how to safely take it, and where to buy 4-HO-MET.

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Considering Ear Wax Removal? Read This First!

Are you being bothered by ear wax? Is it irritating you, affecting your hearing, or just making you feel self-conscious? Not sure how to remove ear wax blockage? You may know that there typically isn’t a medical reason to remove ear wax, and trying to remove it can even cause more serious problems. However, there are times when ear wax becomes so uncomfortable you may not feel like you have a choice. That’s where we come in. In this guide, we go over the six most popular methods of ear wax removal, and we explain what’s the best way to[…]

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Ovulation Pain: What Causes It and What Does It Mean?

If you’re having ovulation pain, you’re not alone. Painful ovulation is a very common phenomenon and it’s usually not a sign of anything worrisome. In this guide to pain during ovulation, we’ll discuss what causes pelvic pain during ovulation, when you should be concerned about it, how to treat it, and some other signs of ovulation you might want to know about if you’re trying to predict when you’re most fertile!

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Is There a Herpes Cure?

Have you or someone you know been diagnosed with herpes? Are you frantically searching the internet for a herpes cure? Don’t panic! While there is currently no cure for herpes, the virus is actually very common and has few long-term health consequences. While we can’t tell you how to cure herpes for good, we can discuss the treatment options that are currently out there, including reviewing the evidence for herpes natural cures and treatments. We’ll also review the most promising herpes cure research currently underway. It may technically be “incurable,” but herpes does not have to be scary or horrible!

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