7 Common Causes for a Stomach Ache After Sex

Having a stomach ache after sex can be scary, frustrating, and embarrassing. Sex is supposed to be an intimate celebration of your relationship with another person, so feeling bad after sex can be very disconcerting. If you’re asking yourself: “Is it normal for your stomach to hurt after sex?” don’t worry. There are a number of reasons (most harmless) that you could be experiencing this pain. In this article, I’ll cover the most common reasons for experiencing a stomach ache after sex and offer advice for easing that pain.

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What Does Sperm Look Like? How Do You Know If It’s Healthy?

Many people use the terms sperm and semen interchangeably. However, sperm and semen are actually two different bodily products, though both are related to male reproduction. In this article, I’ll cover the differences between sperm and semen and answer the questions “what does sperm look like” and “what does semen look like.” I’ll also talk about how you can tell if your sperm and semen are healthy.

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What the Toilet Paper Girth Test Really Says About Penis Size

“It’s not the size, mate, it’s how you use it.” Despite Nigel Powers’ nonchalant approach to size in 2002’s Austin Powers in Goldmember, many men are concerned about the length and girth of their reproductive organ. While most conversations around penis size focus on length, girth is just as important and varies just as greatly from one man to the next. The toilet paper girth test is something of an urban legend — a test designed to tell you whether or not your penis is of average girth. In this article, I’ll talk about what the toilet paper roll girth test[…]

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How to Shoot Ropes: 3 Tips for Thick Ropes of Cum

Thanks in part to porn films, which often feature long, thick ropes of cum, many men believe that they should be seeing copious amounts of semen when they ejaculate. In fact, while difficulties ejaculating can sometimes signify erectile dysfunction, most men are indeed ejaculating a normal amount – even if they can’t shoot cum ropes. In this article, I’ll talk about whether or not it’s actually possible to shoot ropes. First, I’ll discuss what shooting ropes even means and how shooting ropes relates to average semen production. Then, I’ll offer a few tips for how to shoot ropes.

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How to Write a Good Consult Note: Tips and Template

As a doctor, you may need to provide a consult note that helps other physicians understand a patient’s medical history and your recommended course of treatment. In your consult note, you’ll evaluate a patient and give your recommendations for the patient’s care. In this article, I’ll explain what a consult note is and when you should write one, give two tips for writing good consult notes, and offer a consult note template that you can use in your practice.

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How Many Glasses Are in a Gallon of Water?

Research suggests that there are numerous health benefits to drinking water, including increased energy, weight loss, improved skin complexion, and more. Water’s many benefits are well-known and often touted, but how much water should we actually aim to drink in a day? One common recommendation is to drink a gallon of water in a day. In this article, I’ll cover how many glasses in a gallon for standard and non-standard glasses and talk about how many glasses of water in a gallon you should actually drink each day.

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