Should You Try a 25X-NBOMe Drug? Is It Fun? Safe?


NBOMe drugs, also known as 25X-NBOMe drugs, are one of the more popular designer drugs being used at parties and raves. However, most of the attention they’ve gotten recently is from their potentially dangerous side effects and a recent string of deaths related to NBOMe overdoses, particularly 25I NBOMe.

What are NBOMe drugs? Are they safe to take? Are they legal? What is taking them like? In this guide, we answer these questions and more so you’ll have all the information you need about NBOMe drugs.


What Are NBOMe Drugs?

NBOMe drugs, officially known as N-methoxybenzyl-substituted phenethylamines, are a family of synthetic hallucinogens. Other common names for these drugs include N-bombs, 25X-NBOMe, Smiles, Solaris, Wizard, and 25I. They were first created in 2003 and began being used as recreational drugs soon after. Their popularity jumped in 2010 when they began to be discussed more on online forums and be sold at parties more often.

NBOMe drugs can be taken as a pressed tablet, spray, blotter paper, liquid, or powder. NBOMe drugs are usually placed under the tongue, or they can be sniffed in powder or spray form. It’s believed that 25X-NBOMe drugs become inactive if swallowed, but this hasn’t been proven. Effects begin a few minutes after taking the drug, peak after about 20 minutes, and can last for about 3-13 hours.


What Is Taking 25X-NBOMe Drugs Like? Is It Safe?

NBOMe drugs have both psychedelic and euphoric effects. The NBOMe drug family is often compared to LSD, however; NBOMe drugs are much more powerful than LSD and should be taken in much smaller doses.

Many users of NBOMe drugs experience intense visuals, such as enhanced colors, distorted objects, double vision, and seeing objects that aren’t there. Other effects of NBOMe include time speeding up or slowing down, a strong feeling of euphoria, and increased mental stimulation. Some users who have bad trips experience feeling nervous, paranoid, or aggressive. Some also see frightening hallucinations.

NBOMe drugs have gotten a lot of press recently for their dangerous, and sometimes fatal, side effects. Negative side effects of NBOMe drugs include losing feeling in your legs, nausea, blue skin, seizures, and stabbing sensations due to blood vessels being constricted. Some users also experience “freakouts” where they become disoriented, experience psychosis, and engage in self-harm.

NBOMe drugs are known to be more dangerous than many other psychedelics. Currently, 19 people in the United States have died after taking NBOMe drugs, a high number considering how new and relatively rare these drugs are. People have also died in multiple other countries.

NBOMe drugs are very strong, and the average dose is between 0.00005 and 0.0001gram. NBOMe drugs are often made inconsistently, so even if you think you’re taking a safe does, you could end up overdosing if the batch you take is particularly strong. NBOMe drugs should never be mixed with other drugs.


Are NBOMe Drugs Legal?

NBOMe drugs became illegal in the United States in 2013. They are currently classified as Class A drugs, which means that, if you are arrested for possessing NBOMe drugs, the police will always take some action, which could be a formal caution, arrest, or prosecution. NBOMe drugs are also illegal in Canada and the European Union, as well as parts of Australia.

NBOMe drugs have a simple chemical formula and can be made by pretty much anyone with a decent knowledge of chemistry. Because many people with little experience making drugs can make NBOMe drugs, you should be wary when purchasing and taking them since they often have varying levels of purity and strength, and a dose at one batch can be much stronger or weaker than the same dose of another batch.


What Are Popular Types of NBOMe Drugs?

Below are the four most popular NBOMe drugs to take. Although all drugs in the NBOMe family have similar general effects, namely psychedelic and stimulant effects, the different drugs in the family each give a slightly different experience. You can use this section to determine which NBOMe drug is best for you.



25I-NBOMe, also known as 25I Nbomb, is the most popular drug to take of the 25X-NBOMe drug family. It gives increased energy and enhanced visuals (especially sparkles and tracers). 25I-NBOMe is the NBOMe drug you’re most likely to find being sold at parties or online.



25B-NBOMe often gives users the best visuals of the NBOMe drugs, but this will depend on your own personal experience. Users often see very vivid colors and visual hallucinations.



25C-NBOMe is best known for giving users an elevated mood with a lower chance of negative side effects than other NBOMe drugs. Users also often experience enhanced and distorted visuals as well as increased energy. 25C-NBOMe is often used at parties and raves. It has been described as the NBOMe drug that’s closest to taking acid.



Users of NBOMe drugs usually describe 25D-NBOMe as having the strongest psychedelic effects of any drug in the NBOMe family. It can give a very deep, intense experience that some users find unpleasant or disturbing because of the way the drug affects their mind.