13-Inch Dick: Is This the Ideal Penis Size?


Is a 13-inch penis the ideal size? Does your partner secretly wish you had a 13-inch dick? In this guide to 13-inch dicks, we go over how common they are, if women think a 13-inch penis is the perfect size, and tips you can try to make yourself feel bigger to your partner and closer to a 13-inch dick.


How Big Is a 13-Inch Penis Compared to the Average Size?

A 13-inch dick is well above the average penis size, but by how much? There have actually been multiple studies done on penis size, the largest of which was published in the British Journal of Urology International. This study found that erect penises have an average length of about 5.16 inches, and flaccid penises have an average length of about 3.61 inches.

Other, smaller, studies done on penis length have yielded similar results. The journal Medical News Today published a study that found the average length of erect penises was between 5.1 and 5.6 inches, and a study in Psychology Today  found that about 68% of erect penises were between 4.6 inches and 6.0 inches long.

You can easily see from the study results that a 13-inch penis is big, about twice the size of an average penis. But how common are 13-inch dicks? Do they even exist? By looking at the percentile chart of the British Journal of Urology International study, we can see that a 13-inch penis (about 33 cm) is way too big to even be included on the chart. This means that a 13-inch penis is at the 99th percentile for penis size, meaning only a fraction of 1% of men have a 13-inch penis.

So 13-inch dicks are very rare, but they do exist. One example is Jonah Falcon, who claims to have the world’s largest penis (13.5 inches long when erect).


Is 13 Inches the Ideal Penis Size?

Do you need to have a 13-inch dick in order to please your partner? Not at all! First, as mentioned above, having a 13-inch long penis is incredibly rare, and most people will never see one in real life. So, unless you’re trying to get a starring role in a porn film, no one expects you to have a 13inch dick. Also, there is no one ideal penis size out there that’ll please everyone. Some people want their partners to have big penises, while others are happy with or even prefer average or small penises.

If you want some data on what penis size women most commonly say is their ideal size, there have been some studies done on the subject. The University of California and the University of New Mexico conducted a study that found the most common “ideal” penis size for women was a penis between 6.3 and 6.4 inches long. Other studies found similar results—that the ideal penis size for many women is one that’s slightly above average in length. So, if you’re worried about not having a 13-inch penis, know that it’s not anywhere close to what most women are listing as their ideal size.


Sex Tips to Make You Seem Bigger

If you’re not a guy with 13-inch dick, are there ways to make you seem like you do? Try the tips below to make you seem bigger, but remember that most women are happy with an average size penis, so you don’t need to be aiming for porn star sizes!

  • Try positions that make you seem bigger. There are specific sex positions you can try that will make you feel bigger to your partner, even if you aren’t packing a 13-inch dick. The internet has tons of suggestions, and two places to start are these articles by Fashion Beans and Size HQ.
  • Try using a cock ring. Putting a narrow cock ring around the base of your penis can make you feel instantly bigger to your partner during penetration. Just be sure not to leave the ring on too long (30 minutes max at one time).
  • Experiment with sex toys. Sex toys can add a lot of fun to the bedroom no matter what your size is. You can use dildos and vibrators to help stimulate your partner during sex, and there are also vibrators meant to go inside your partner during penetration for a tighter fit that’ll make you feel bigger to her. If you really want to increase your size, you can try penis sleeves or extenders or try a strap-on. Talk to your partner about which sex toys you’re both interested in.