Trouble Sleeping? Learn How Long Caffeine Stays in Your System

How long does caffeine stay in your system? What is the half-life of caffeine? How does caffeine half-life differ between individuals? In this quick guide, we’ll go over how long caffeine stays in the average person’s body, what factors impact how long you’ll feel the effects of caffeine, and what you can do to combat the caffeine jitters. Ultimately, we’ll help you answer the key question: how long does caffeine stay in your body?

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How Long Does It Take Marijuana to Leave Your System?

How long does weed stay in your system? Wondering how long a high will last or how soon you’ll be able to pass a drug test? In this quick guide, we’ll help you answer the question, “how long does cannabis stay in your system?” We’ll also help you figure out if there’s anything you can do to pass a drug test faster. 

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Rubber Band Around Balls: Is It Fun? Is It Safe?

Interested in putting a rubber band around your balls as a DIY sex toy? In this article, we’ll discuss why you might put a rubber band around your testicles, if it’s safe, and what you can do instead.

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Does Testosterone Make Your Penis Bigger?

Does testosterone make your penis bigger? Considering popping testosterone supplements and wondering, “can testosterone increase penis size?” In this quick guide, we’ll discuss how testosterone impacts penile development through the lifespan. We’ll also discuss whether supplemental testosterone can increase the size of your penis.

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4.5 Inch Girth: Is It Thick Enough?

Wondering how a 4.5 inch penis girth compares to the rest of the population? In this article, we’ll discuss whether a 4.5 girth is big, small, or average. We’ll also discuss what to do if you’re feeling unsatisfied with your own girth.

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What Is a Vaginal Cuff? Will It Ruin Your Sex Life?

What is a vaginal cuff, also sometimes called a hysterectomy cuff? What will your vagina cuff feel like? Will you be able to have sex? In this quick guide to what to expect from a vaginal cuff after hysterectomy, we’ll discuss what a vaginal cuff is, how it may impact your sex life, and any potential complications to watch out for.

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What’s Causing My Shriveled Penis? Should I Worry?

Look down in your pants and see a shriveled penis? Don’t panic yet! There are some totally normal things that might cause completely benign testicle or penis shriveling or shrinking. In this article, we’ll discuss how to assess if your shriveled penis is cause for alarm or a sign of a long-term issue and how to address it.

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The 5 Healthiest (and Tastiest) Substitutes for Vegetable Oil

What can you substitute for vegetable oil? Can you substitute olive oil for vegetable oil? In this article we will help you figure why you might want a substitute for vegetable oil and give five vegetable oil substitutes you could use.

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What Does Sperm Smell Like? Does It Smell Bad?

Does sperm have a smell? What does sperm smell like? In this short article, we’ll clear up the difference between sperm and semen, go over what the typical smell of semen is, and discuss what to do if your semen is smelling strange.

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7 Expert Tips for How to Masturbate Longer

Wondering how to masturbate for longer amounts of time? Read on to learn why you might want to masturbate for longer and tips on how to jerk off longer if that’s your goal!

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