Does Testosterone Make Your Penis Bigger?


Does testosterone make your penis bigger? Considering popping testosterone supplements and wondering, “can testosterone increase penis size?” In this quick guide, we’ll discuss how testosterone impacts penile development through the lifespan. We’ll also discuss whether supplemental testosterone can increase the size of your penis.


How Testosterone Impacts Penis Size

It’s true that testosterone impacts penile growth. Research with rats suggests that your eventual penis size is mostly determined in utero by hormone exposure (including testosterone) during a critical period.

A number of things can disrupt hormone exposure, including endocrine-disrupting chemicals. Disrupted hormone exposure leads to conditions like micropenis and other genital abnormalities. Essentially, hormone exposure (or lack thereof) “programs” your penis to reach a particular eventual length while you are still in the womb. 

Of course, your penis doesn’t actually do most of its growing until you enter puberty. Then, testosterone and growth hormone together drive penis growth. From birth to puberty is another critical period for penis growth. Rat studies again suggest that testosterone deficiency (for whatever reason) or exposure to disruptive chemicals throughout childhood and adolescence can also inhibit post-natal penis growth.

In other words, you may have a particular penis length “pre-programmed,” but if your hormones are disrupted in the growth process, you may not reach that length. Your body needs adequate access to testosterone during childhood and especially puberty to reach its full penis potential.

So can testosterone make your penis bigger? Well, it already does as part of natural body processes—testosterone is one of several hormones that helps your penis grow both in utero and during puberty.


Does Testosterone Make Your Penis Bigger?

Does testosterone make your dick bigger? Yes and no.

Yes, because testosterone is one of the hormones that drives penile development and growth through puberty. For example, research shows that serum testosterone in infancy correlates to penile growth at that stage.

In that sense, the answer to “will testosterone make my penis bigger?” is that it already did! The penis size that you currently have is largely thanks to testosterone production and exposure during critical developmental periods.

However, testosterone supplementation doesn’t have any effect on the penis size of an adult man. Think about it: your body makes testosterone throughout your life span. If testosterone was all it took to make your fully mature penis bigger in adulthood, your penis would keep growing all the time!

So will testosterone make your dick bigger if you take supplements as an adult? Not really.

The bottom line is that testosterone can make your penis bigger, but only during a limited window of action. In fact, testosterone supplementation—spread through infancy, childhood, and sometimes puberty—is considered one of the primary treatment modalities of micropenis, a condition in which the penis does not develop properly and remains unusually small throughout life if not treated.

Through early testosterone supplementation, some research suggests that most children with a micropenis caused by hormonal deficiencies can achieve a mature penis size within 2 standard deviations of the mean. (According to most recent data, a penis 2 standard deviations from the mean would be about 3.7 inches at the lower bound).

But in adulthood, testosterone supplementation does very little to treat micropenis. It only have an impact during the critical periods of childhood and sometimes adolescence. (By contrast, some new early data shows that growth hormone supplementation may actually still be effective in adulthood.)

So can testosterone increase penile size? While it won’t do much for an adult man, testosterone supplementation does treat micropenis in childhood and adolescence.

Also, in adult men, outside testosterone supplementation causes the body to stop producing its own testosterone, leading to (temporarily) shrunken testicles.


Testosterone and Penis Size: The Bottom Line

So, does testosterone make your dick bigger? Well, testosterone is one of the hormones that drives penile development both in infancy and through puberty. So in that sense, testosterone can and does make your dick bigger.

But can testosterone increase penile size in adulthood if you take testosterone supplements? Not really. Testosterone only appears to impact penis size during certain critical periods, and after that, it doesn’t make a huge difference in size.

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