Bleeding During Sex: Is Something Wrong?

Seeing blood when you don’t expect to can be alarming, and bleeding during sex is no different. But what causes bleeding during sex? Should you be worried? In this complete guide, we’ll review all potential causes of bleeding during sex—both harmless and worrying—and help you figure out if you need to see a doctor. We’ll also discuss how to stop bleeding during sex. There’s even advice for vaginal bleeding during sex if you’re pregnant or if you are bleeding after anal sex.

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What Are White 377 Pills? Name, Dosages, and Effects

Do you have a white pill with 377 on it and want to learn more about it? This guide is for you! The pills we’ll be discussing in this guide are white oblong pills with 377 on one side and a blank second side. What are these pills used for? Are they safe to take? Can you take them to get high? What are the risks? This guide will answer all those questions and explain what that mysterious white pill 377 is, common side effects, how you should take them, and what the risks of overdose are.

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Hypertension Nursing Diagnosis: 6 Care Plans for Any Patient

Hypertension, or high blood pressure, is an issue that affects millions of people around the world. If not properly treated, hypertension can lead to serious issues, including heart attack or stroke. That means it’s imperative to have an accurate nursing diagnosis for hypertension as well as an effective care plan. After explaining what hypertension is, what causes it, and what common symptoms are, this guide explains six key hypertension nursing diagnoses. For each diagnosis, the NANDA definition, potential evidence, and desired outcomes are explained, as well as steps to take for the nursing intervention.

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Head-to-Toe Assessment: Complete 12-Step Checklist

Need some info on conducting a head-to-toe assessment? Whether you are just looking for a quick head-to-toe assessment cheat sheet or a total guide to conducting a nursing head-to-toe assessment in a clinical setting, we’ve got you covered! We’ll start with a brief overview of the assessment process, then a quick head-to-toe assessment checklist. After that, we’ll do a deep dive on all the assessment steps, and wrap up with some example videos.

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Does the Potato Diet Work? Learn the Truth Behind This Hyped Health Hack

What is the potato diet? Does the potato diet work? Is it healthy? In this total guide to the potato diet or the potato hack, we’ll go over what this diet is, why it’s become so notable recently, and the potato diet results you can expect. We’ll also discuss if the potato diet is healthy, if you should do it, and how to make it go smoothly if you do decide to potato diet. Finally, we’ll provide some potato hack recipes.

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Is Beet Juice Good for You? 5 Proven Health Benefits

Beets aren’t just for making your grandmother’s borscht recipe anymore. Beet juice is one of the hottest new health food trends, and it’s purported to have all kinds of health benefits: Preventing cancer! Giving you more energy! Making you look younger! But which claims are true, and which are fake? Is beet juice good for you? It can be if you know how to use it! In this guide, we’ll establish what beet juice is and what nutrients it contains, explain which beet juice benefits are real and which aren’t, and discuss how you can buy or make some beet juice of your[…]

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The 14 Best Low-Carb Fruits to Help You Lose Weight

While fruit has a reputation for being a healthy food group, many types of fruit are actually high in carbs.  If you’re on a low-carb diet, you may be wondering how you can eat fruit and also stick to your diet. Do you need to give up fruit completely? Absolutely not! You just need to know which fruits are low-carb. In this guide we explain what low-carb really means and what the benefits of low-carb fruits are. We then go over the 14 best low-carb fruits to eat, as well as four types of fruit you should avoid if you’re[…]

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6 Ways Grief Counseling Can Help You

Are you considering grief counseling or grief therapy, but you don’t know what to expect? In this guide to grief counseling and other kinds of professional grief support, we’ll provide a brief overview of grief and discuss what grief counseling is and what it entails. We’ll also help you figure out if you could benefit from grief therapy and how to choose a grief counselor. Finally, we’ll provide some grief and loss counseling resources.

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Will Booty Pop Give You a Bigger Butt? Full Review

Longing to be bootylicious? Want a fuller bottom without having to go through expensive and painful surgery? Apex Vitality claims it can solve your problem. The company produces Booty Pop, a lotion they claim can give you the booty you want in just two weeks without surgery. But is that just too good to be true? Is Booty Pop a dream cream or just another online scam? In this guide, we’ll give you the unbiased truth behind Booty Pop. Learn if Booty Pop’s ingredients can actually deliver their promised results, what Booty Pop reviews say, and why you should be skeptical of[…]

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Does Cebria Enhance Your Memory? Full Data-Based Review

Cebria’s advertisements have left a lot of people intrigued. Can just taking a pill help stop memory loss? Or is this another scam that’ll take your money and leave you with no benefits? It can be difficult to wade through all the information online while trying to figure out what the real truth is. Fortunately, we’re here to help. In our unbiased guide, we dig into the full truth behind Cebria. We’ll explain what Cebria memory improvement pills are, what they claim to do, and what the real scientific evidence behind them is (spoiler alert: their website doesn’t tell the full story!). After reading[…]

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