11.5-cm Dick: Big, Small, or Average?


How does an 11.5-cm penis compare to the average penis size? Is an 11.5-cm penis small? Is it normal-sized? What tips can you try in bed to make the most of your 11.5-cm dick? We’ve got the answers to those questions and more in this guide to 11.5-cm penises.


Is an 11.5-cm Dick Small? Is It Big?

If you have a penis that’s 11.5 cm long, is that average? Bigger than average? In this section, we compare 11.5 cm dicks to average penis size. (Most of the time, when people and research studies mention penis size, they’re referring to erect penises. We will as well, unless otherwise noted.)

According to research studies, an 11.5 cm penis is just slightly below average.  The British Journal of Urology International published one of the largest studies ever conducted on penis size and found that the average erect penis is around 13 cm long, and the average flaccid penis is around 9 cm long.

Additional studies on penis length have found similar results. A study published in Medical News Today  published a study that found the average erect penis is between 13 cm and 14.2 cm long.   Similarly, Psychology Today published a study that found about 68% of erect penises are between 11.7 cm and 15.2 cm in length.

These three studies all show that an 11.5 cm penis is just below average size. We can get even more specific results by looking at the at the percentile chart of the British Journal of Urology International. The chart shows that an 11.5-cm penis is at about the 20th percentile. This means that, if you have an 11.5-cm penis, it’s longer than 20% of other men’s penises and shorter than about 80% of other men’s penises. This makes an 11.5 cm dick below average, but still close to average size.


Sex Tips for an 11.5-cm Dick

If you have a penis that is 11.5 cm long, you’re between average and below-average size, and you may want to try some tips to make your penis feel bigger during sex. Below are three steps to try.

  • Include foreplay. Sex is about a lot more than penetration, and, for many women, foreplay and oral sex are more important to them. There are lots of resources out there for how to become better at foreplay if you’re not sure what to do.
  • Try different sex toys. Using sex toys can help make things more fun in the bedroom no matter what your penis size is. They can also take some of the pressure off you if you feel your penis isn’t big enough. Popular sex toys include dildos, bullet vibrators, and penis rings.
  • Choose positions for smaller penises. There are also specific sex positions you can try to make you feel bigger to your partner. Two places to start looking include this Fashion Beans article on positions to make you feel bigger and this Ask Men article.