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6 Easy Steps: How to Insert a Tampon

Tampons might sound weird and uncomfortable to the uninitiated, but they’re really a super simple and convenient way to manage your period.  They can help you move around more easily and feel less self conscious, even during days when you have a heavier flow. In this article, I’ll walk you through how to insert a tampon, step-by-step. I’ll give you tips for using tampons safely and effectively. At the end of this, you should be putting in tampons with no problems!

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Brown Discharge in My Underwear: Is Something Wrong?

It can be nerve-wracking to look down in your underwear and see brown discharge that you aren’t expecting. What can it mean? How does light brown discharge compare to dark brown discharge? Are you pregnant?! Relax. Most of the time, brown discharge (like its white counterpart) is totally normal and nothing to be worried about. But you should still know what’s happening to your body – and what might go wrong. In this guide we’ll break down all the causes of brown discharge, both benign and potentially problematic. We’ll also give you specific steps on how to tell when you need to[…]

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What Does Shingles Look Like? 11 Shingles Pictures of Rashes

Do you have an itchy red rash? Think you might have shingles? I’ll show you shingles pictures to help you figure out if you have the shingles rash and what stage it’s in. I’ll also provide pictures of especially extreme cases and discuss what to do if you have one of these more dangerous rashes.

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Is Shingles Contagious? 2 Methods of Transmission to Avoid

Exactly how you get shingles can be confusing: it’s technically the reactivation of chickenpox and is caused by the same pesky virus (the varicella-zoster virus). But is shingles contagious? What are the riskiest transmission methods? How long is it contagious? What can you do to avoid getting shingles transmitted to you? What even causes shingles? We’ll be covering everything below, but let’s start with a basic question.

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What’s a Hermaphrodite? What’s Intersex? Learn Here

The term hermaphrodite has been thrown around for centuries. It comes from Greek Mythology — supposedly, a nymph fell in love with the son of Hermes and Aphrodite and prayed to be united with him forever. As per usual in Greek Mythology, the request backfires/is taken a little too literally. In answer to her prayers, a god merged their forms to create an androgynous being known as Hermaphroditus.  Today, the word hermaphrodite (sometimes shortened to morphodite) has become a misused umbrella term for people not conforming to the gender binary, male or female. Hermaphrodite is now a stigmatized term generally[…]

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18 Real Birth Videos You Have to Watch

Looking for some great birth videos? Simply curious what childbirth is like? Or doing research for giving birth to your own baby? In this article, I’ll show you a wide variety of childbirth videos—natural and epidural births in a hospital, c-section births, home births in water, home unassisted or free births, home births standing up, home births on a toilet, hypnobirths at home and in the hospital, a birth with the baby still in the amniotic sac, and a stillbirth. Let me mentally prepare you in case you’ve never seen a birth video: birthing a child is beautiful, painful, and[…]

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Does Black Seed Oil Really Work? Scientific Analysis of Benefits

The world of natural supplements can be confusing because there are so many misleading claims about their benefits floating around the internet. Black seed oil is one of the more intriguing natural supplements on the market because of its rich history as an herbal medicine. In this article, I’ll provide all the most current information on black seed oil, including what it is, black seed oil benefits, what it can’t do (according to recent scientific research), and the best places to buy black seed oil. Unlike other guides, we don’t want to dwell on hype and false promises – we only[…]

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What Are M366 Pills? Name, Dosages, and Effects

If you found a mysterious pill labeled M366 or were prescribed M366 pills and are looking to know more about them, you’ve come to the right place.  To start, let’s double check you’re looking at an M366 pill. It should be oblong and white with the pill identifier “M366” stamped on one side, and it should be blank on the other side. If your pill matches the description, then you do have an M366 pill. 

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White Discharge in My Underwear: Is Something Wrong?

It can be scary to look down in your underwear and see something you aren’t expecting. An unexpected or unfamiliar discharge can turn even the most level-headed of us into frantic Googlers. A common cause for genital concern in females is white discharge, or leukorrhea. Leukorrhea has a variety of causes. Most are totally normal and benign, while a few are potentially related to an infection. In this guide we’ll go over all the potential causes for vaginal white discharge in your underwear, what to do if you think you do have an infection, and wrap up with how to avoid future[…]

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What to Do When You’re 34 Weeks Pregnant

At 34 weeks pregnant, you’re getting so close to the finish line! You’re in your 8th month of pregnancy. You will be delivering so soon.  How big is your baby now? What symptoms might you experience? What should you be doing or avoiding? In this guide, I’ll tell you everything you need to know about your 34th week of pregnancy!

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