(Updated) Blue Waffles Disease is FAKE – Here’s Why

The internet is full of hoaxes, urban legends, and conspiracy theories. Some internet hoaxes of recent years include the idea that Abraham Lincoln invented Facebook, that Pharrell and Keanu Reeves are immortal vampires, and that the Denver airport is the headquarters of a “New World Order” elite power group controlling the earth from behind the scenes. What can we say—the World Wide Web is weird. But one of the most persistent internet hoaxes of the past few years centers on a completely made-up STD.  It’s called “Blue Waffles Disease” or “Blue Waffle Disease.” Again – it’s completely fake. In this[…]

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Brown Discharge In My Underwear: Is Something Wrong?

It can be nerve-wracking to look down in your underwear and see brown discharge that you aren’t expecting. What can it mean? How does light brown discharge compare to dark brown discharge? Are you pregnant?! Relax. Most of the time, brown discharge (like its white counterpart) is totally normal and nothing to be worried about. But you should still know what’s happening to your body – and what might go wrong. In this guide we’ll break down all the causes of brown discharge, both benign and potentially problematic. We’ll also give you specific steps on how to tell when you need to[…]

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Is Your White Vaginal Discharge Normal?

It can be scary to look down in your underwear and see something  you aren’t expecting. An unexpected or unfamiliar discharge can turn even the most level-headed of us into frantic Googlers. A common cause for genital concern in females is white discharge, or leukorrhea. Leukorrhea has a variety of causes. Most are totally normal and benign, while a few are potentially related to an infection. In this guide we’ll go over all the potential causes for vaginal white discharge, what to do if you think you do have an infection, and wrap up with how to avoid future infection if[…]

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