Where to Find Latisse Coupons and Discounts: 4 Ideas


Dissatisfied with the way your eyelashes look? If you’ve been prescribed Latisse to help enhance the overall appearance of your lashes, you might be wondering how much the medication costs—and whether you can use a Latisse coupon to get a discount on it.

Below, we explain what Latisse is and how much it typically costs. We then give you four resources for Latisse coupons as well as three additional tips for saving money in other ways.


What Is Latisse? How Much Does It Cost?

An FDA-approved prescription drug, Latisse is a bimatoprost ophthalmic solution used to increase the length, thickness, and darkness of your lashes.

To use it, you simply apply the solution to your upper eyelid margin every night using an applicator. Results last as long as you continue the medication, so once you stop using Latisse, your lashes will gradually return to normal.

The cost of Latisse varies depending on a few key factors: whether your insurance covers it, what pharmacy you go to, and whether you have any Latisse coupons or not.

In general, most insurance plans won’t cover Latisse since it’s a cosmetic treatment. Therefore, you can expect to pay out of pocket for it. The average cost of one 30-day, 3-ml bottle of Latisse is between about $120 and $140.

But these prices can vary depending on the pharmacy you go to. Here is an overview of estimated pharmacy costs for a one-month supply of Latisse:

Pharmacy Price of Latisse
CVS $132.00
Kmart $116.89
Kroger $131.00
Publix $116.89
Rite Aid $119.09
Target $141.00
Walgreens $128.00
Walmart $114.83

Source: True Med Cost

As you can see, Latisse prices vary from as low as $115 to as high as $140 a bottle. This is why it’s a good idea to choose a cheaper pharmacy to buy your Latisse from (we’ll explain this tip more later).




The 4 Best Resources for a Latisse Coupon

Since most people’s insurance won’t cover Latisse, the best step you can take is to find ways to save money on your prescription using Latisse coupons.

Many websites offer Latisse coupons and discounts for those whose insurance doesn’t cover Latisse (which, again, will be the vast majority of people). If your insurance does cover Latisse, the following coupons most likely won’t apply to you.


Brilliant Distinctions Program

Available through Latisse.com (and thus similar to a Latisse manufacturer coupon), the Brilliant Distinctions Program offers various rewards and savings on eligible medications, including Latisse.

You get $10 for every 100 points you earn. You can then use these savings to get discounts on Latisse and other cosmetic products.

According to a customer service representative I spoke with over the phone, you should generally be able to use other rebates with this program to get further discounts on products; however, there are limitations on how many you can use at once.

To join the program, simply click the “Join Today!” button and input your name, birthday, gender, zip code, email address, and password.



GoodRx is a great website to use if you want a Latisse discount specific to your pharmacy.

Coupons here typically knock off $70-100 per bottle of Latisse, with the highest savings around 67% off the average retail price (which, according to this site, is around $137). In other words, you’ll pay anywhere from $45 to $120 for a 30-day supply of Latisse, depending on your pharmacy.

Once you’ve found your pharmacy on the list, click the “Get Free Coupon” or “Get Free Discount” button to print out your coupon. You’ll need to show the coupon to your pharmacist (along with your prescription) to get the Latisse discount.



On this website, you can get a free Latisse coupon that offers up to 50% off the retail price—meaning you’ll pay around $60-70 per bottle.

What’s especially great about this Latisse coupon is that it never expires and can be reused each time you refill your prescription. In addition, the coupon can be used at more than 68,000 pharmacies, so you can easily check ahead of time whether your pharmacy will accept it or not.

You may print, text, or email the coupon to get it.


Smart Prescription Savings

This website offers a free, downloadable Latisse discount card that can be used to save you up to 75% off your Latisse prescription. Although it’s not clear which pharmacies accept the discount card, its potential for a big discount makes it ultimately worth showing to your pharmacist.

You can print out the coupon directly or get it by text, email, or mail.




3 Additional Ways to Save Money on Latisse

Aside from using a Latisse coupon, here are three other ways you can save some money on your Latisse prescription.


#1: Go to a Cheaper Pharmacy

As we saw with the chart above, the pharmacy you go to can have a pretty big impact on how much you end up paying for your Latisse prescription.

Therefore, it’s best to opt for a cheaper pharmacy near you. Without coupons, Latisse is cheapest at Walmart, Publix, Kmart, and Rite Aid (where you’ll typically spend around $115-120 per bottle). If possible, try to avoid more expensive pharmacies for Latisse, such as Target, CVS, and Kroger.


#2: Use Other Lash-Enhancing Products

Latisse isn’t the only product that claims to improve the appearance of eyelashes. If you want to save money or don’t want to have to get a prescription for Latisse, opt for other lash-enhancing products, such as Lash Boost and RapidLash.

Both of these products can be found in cosmetic aisles and are not prescription drugs like Latisse is. The main drawback is that they don’t contain the same ingredients as Latisse and thus can’t claim to lengthen eyelashes (rather, they condition and strengthen them).

Even though their efficacy may be questionable, Lash Boost and RapidLash are still far cheaper than Latisse. Currently, Lash Boost retails for $150 for a two-month supply, making it about half the price of Latisse, while a one- to two-month supply of RapidLash costs just $49.95.


#3: Consider Using Mascara and/or False Eyelashes

If your ultimate goal is to save as much money as possible while still getting fuller-looking lashes, consider opting for mascara and/or fake eyelashes instead of Latisse and other lash-enhancing products.

Basic cosmetics are a lot cheaper than Latisse, Lash Boost, and RapidLash, saving you more money in the long run. You’ll also have more control over how your lashes look in terms of their thickness, darkness, color, etc.

In the end, mascara and false eyelashes can temporarily enhance your eyelashes similar to Latisse can—you just need to be willing to putting in the time each day to get your lashes looking exactly how you want them to.


Using high-quality mascara can save you money and still give you great-looking lashes.


Recap: Spending Less With a Latisse Coupon or Discount

Latisse is a prescription drug used to lengthen, darken, thicken, and altogether enhance eyelashes. Because it is rarely covered by insurance, you’ll most likely need to pay out of pocket for it—around $120-140 for a one-month supply.

The cost of Latisse can vary depending on what pharmacy you go to and on whether you have a Latisse discount or coupon. You can usually find a free Latisse coupon or discount card online, with several taking off more than $50 per bottle.

You can also save money by choosing a cheaper pharmacy, opting for a different (and cheaper) lash-enhancing product, or relying solely on basic cosmetics like mascara and false eyelashes to boost the appearance of your lashes.