Johnny Castle Penis Size: How Big Is it?


Many male porn stars are known for their much-larger-than-average penis sizes. Popular porn star Johnny Castle, meanwhile, has drawn attention due to his seemingly more typical length and girth. What is Johnny Castle’s penis size, exactly? Is it the ideal size?


Johnny Castle Penis Size

Many porn viewers and fans have tried to figure out Johnny Castle’s exact penis size. Estimates range from around six inches in length (the most common) and five inches in girth to seven inches long and six inches thick. 

The average length of an erect penis is 5.16 inches, while the average girth is 4.59 inches. This is smaller than many people realize! So while Johnny Castle’s penis size might be a bit smaller than the average porn star’s, if his penis actually comes in around six inches, it’s still bigger than average. 


Johnny Castle Penis Size: Is it Ideal?

First off, there’s no one ideal penis size. Every sexual partner–and every porn fan–is going to have a different preference in terms of penis size based on their own body and desires.

Some women don’t care as much as about penis size as they do about sexual prowess or other aspects of a person’s looks.

Several adult film watchers note that Johnny Castle’s popularity is likely aided as much by his high level of fitness, low body fat, good looks, and sexual stamina as it is by his penis size.

Also, many adult film stars who appear to be especially well-endowed are helped along by lighting, breaks in filming, ideal positioning, pumping, and sometimes, medication.

Given this, we don’t know exactly how far Johnny Castle’s penis size is from the average. 

However, some women, including adult film stars, do specifically prefer penises in the small-to-average range.

In a Wood Rocket interview of female adult film stars, several listed penises in the six-to-eight-inch category (smaller than many men expect) as ideal, with others saying that many male porn stars are “too big” for comfort. It’s no wonder, then, that Johnny Castle is popular! 

The bottom line: bigger isn’t always better, and it all depends on how you use it.