7 Expert Tips for How to Masturbate Longer


Wondering how to masturbate for longer amounts of time? Read on to learn why you might want to masturbate for longer and tips on how to jerk off longer if that’s your goal!


Why You Might Want to Make Masturbation Last Longer

You don’t necessarily need to have a reason to want to learn how to masturbate for longer other than to prolong an enjoyable experience! However, both men and women may want to masturbate longer to gain more control and awareness over their own arousal and orgasm.

Men in particular may be interested in lasting longer until orgasm during sex with a partner. Note that the ability to come quickly during orgasm may not necessarily impede your ability to last a longer amount of time during partnered sex. The sensations aren’t identical, and your goals during masturbation might be different than your goals during partnered sex (e.g. cumming as fast as possible vs. creating a mutually pleasurable, intimate experience). However, experimenting with lasting longer during masturbation can help you gain more control over your own orgasmic response.


How to Masturbate Longer: 7 Tips

Most of these tips on how to masturbate longer can be practiced by men or women, no matter what kind of anatomy you have going on in your pants. However, most of these tips do focus on delaying the first orgasm during masturbation.

Most women don’t necessarily need to delay their first orgasm to masturbate for longer, because most women are capable of orgasming multiple times during one masturbation session due to the shorter refractory period required for female sex organs. See our last tip for more info on multiple orgasms.


Take It Slow

Lots of people make orgasming as fast as possible their typical goal in masturbation. To make it last longer, adjust your attitude towards the process away from the goal (orgasm) to the process. Don’t just go right to town on your genitals; build your arousal slowly. Start gently and gradually build up intensity. Enjoy and linger in the arousal/excitement and plateau phases.


Get Back to Basics

If you’ve got a masturbation routine that involves a lot of accessories—like porn, vibrators, or other sex toys—try paring back. Aids like porn and sex toys can ramp up your arousal quickly, which leads to faster orgasm. So try reaching orgasm with just your hand, your fantasies, and maybe some lube.


Use Your Non-Dominant Hand

Normally self-pleasure with your right hand? Switch to your left. The lessened control and coordination will make it take longer to reach orgasm.


Try New Techniques

If you have a tried-and-true technique you use to masturbate every time, try to mix it up. Stimulate different erogenous zones or try to use different strokes or stimulation methods. You may find that you can reach orgasm in a lot of different ways—and that newer techniques may take longer.


Practice Edging

Edging is the practice of bringing yourself close to orgasm, stopping or reducing stimulation so that you don’t actually orgasm, and then repeating the process again (and potentially again, again, and again.) Practicing edging will give you a better sense of where your own point of no return (so to speak) is, which will give you more control over when you come both in masturbation and in partnered sex. Plus, the resulting orgasm may be more intense.


Build Stronger Pelvic Floor Muscles

Building stronger pelvic floor muscles by doing Kegel exercises can not only help you have stronger orgasms, but have more control over them. This may help you to delay orgasm during masturbation and partnered sex. Both men and women can benefit from Kegel exercises.


Learn to Orgasm Multiple Times

This tip is primarily for people with vulvas, whether you identify as woman, man, or other. After you have one orgasm, you might feel like your clitoris is too sensitive to go for round two. But actually, if you wait a little bit and try to switch up the stimulation, you may find that you can go for another orgasm—or even two or three!

The key to reaching orgasm multiple times during one masturbation session is experimentation. Some people need very different types of stimulation to reach a second or third orgasm. Others just need to take a quick breather and can then rely on tried-and-true techniques. Go in with an open mind and see what works for you!


Recap: How to Masturbate Longer

Wondering how to jerk off longer? (Or as the Brits might say, how to wank longer)?

If you’re wondering how to make masturbation longer, here are seven tips to do so:

  • Consciously try to go slower throughout the whole process.
  • Return to the basics: just use your hand and your imagination, and no other aids!
  • Use your non-dominant hand.
  • Try new techniques. 
  • Practice edging (bringing yourself to the edge of orgasm repeatedly without going over).
  • Build stronger pelvic floor muscles to gain more control over your orgasms.
  • If you have a vulva, you can learn to orgasm multiple times in one masturbation session.