Bathmate Injury: 8 Issues to Watch for When Using a Penis Pump


If you own or are thinking of purchasing a Bathmate, also known as the Hydromax Hydropump, or another penis pump designed to increase your penis size and sexual satisfaction, you might be worried about injuring yourself. Or you might already be experiencing some Bathmate side effects and wondering if they’re normal. Don’t worry! I’ll help you figure out what’s happening and what you should do to fix it.

In this article, I’ll go over Bathmate safety, the kinds of Bathmate damage that users have reported, and the ways you can protect yourself when using a penis pump.


Are Bathmate Injuries Common?

While the Hydromax website claims that the Bathmate is “totally safe,” some users have reported negative side effects or injuries ranging from mild and temporary to serious and permanent.

However, most users agree that the Bathmate is generally not dangerous and, if used correctly, these injuries are rare.

Let’s go over the possible side effects of using a penis pump and the ways that you can prevent a Bathmate injury.


How Have People Injured Themselves With a Bathmate?

Here are some of the side effects and injuries that Bathmate users have reported:



The most common Bathmate side effect described by users is soreness, some of which is normal due to the pressure you’re introducing to a sensitive area. If you’re starting to feel a lot of pain, take a rest of several days or weeks.


Penile Bruising

Hematomas can form at the surface of the penile skin as a result of the pressure placed on it by the Bathmate. Users report that taking breaks during a pumping session can reduce the bruising caused by their penis pump.


Fluid Retention

This Bathmate injury is otherwise known as the “donut effect,” and looks like swelling (similar to that of a blister) around the head of the penis.

Penis pumps fill the penis will blood, but they also draw lymphatic fluid into the penis, which can build up over time and become dangerous (leading to a blockage in the urethra) if it’s not massaged away. If you start noticing fluid retention, take a break from the Bathmate until it’s resolved.


Libido Issues and Erectile Dysfunction

Even though the Bathmate is meant to increase the length and quality of your erections, it can sometimes do the opposite if you’re overusing it. Don’t ignore symptoms like this, as they can become irreversible over time or lead to impotence in severe cases. Again, take a rest from the Bathmate if you’re seeing issues with your libido or sexual performance.


Lower Urinary Force

Some users report less force when they pee, often after overuse of the Bathmate. If you notice this, take a break right away.


Penile Fracture

In a few severe, rare cases, users have reported penile fractures that required surgery as a result of using the Bathmate.


Blood Vessel Damage

Due to the pressure placed on the penis when using a Bathmate, blood vessels can occasionally become damaged.

Blood vessel damage can lead to circulatory problems and even heart attacks.

If you start to see skin discoloration in your penis, this is a warning sign that blood vessel damage might occur, as it indicates that oxygen is being cut off from the penis and the tissue is being “choked.” At the first sign of skin discoloration or swelling in the testicles or shaft, stop using the Bathmate.


Testicular Infections

Also rare, testicular infections can occur if the penis pump pushes against your scrotum uncomfortably. Ensuring that you take breaks while pumping and use the correct pump for your penis size can help prevent this.


Staying Safe: How to Prevent a Bathmate Injury

There are several ways that you can stay safe while using a Bathmate. Here are the best ways to protect yourself from injury when you’re using your penis pump.


Start Slow

The penis is a sensitive organ, and the Bathmate causes an intense amount of pressure. The #1 reason for Bathmate injuries is overuse. Hydromax recommends only using the Bathmate for 15-20 minutes at a time. Frequent users recommend taking breaks about every five minutes.

Don’t use the Bathmate daily at first, and don’t use it for too long. You’re more likely to get the desired effects and avoid injury if you start slow and gradually build up the pressure over time.


Use the Right Pump

There are various penis pumps available for different penis sizes and which offer different amounts of pressure. Use the correct pump for your size, and don’t use the strongest pump available right away. Again, starting slow is key.


Don’t Use a Bathmate If You’re Already Injured

Very rarely, some Bathmate users have reported a torn urethra or other serious injuries after usage. Some of these users have already had issues with penile sensitivity, UTIs, or STDs.

If you have a history of recurrent UTIs or STDs, or if you currently have penile pain or any other health issue, hold off on using the Bathmate until the issue has resolved. Injury is far more likely if you’re already experiencing symptoms.


Rest at the First Sign of Injury

If you have any symptoms at all after using your Bathmate, from soreness to skin discoloration, rest! Take several weeks off, don’t use the penis pump at all, and get checked out by a doctor if you need to. Injuries can go from bad to worse if you keep overworking yourself.


Read the Directions

When you first get your Bathmate, you might be excited to use it right away. However, many of the injuries we’ve discussed are caused by improper or overzealous usage of the penis pump. Make sure that you read the instructions carefully so that you get the most out of your purchase and avoid injury in the process.