What Are the ICD-10 Codes for Diabetes? Complete List

Have you come across a form of diabetes with an unusual presentation or a rare underlying cause? Luckily, the ICD-10 codes for diabetes cover every manifestation of the disease imaginable in very specific terms. In this article, I’ll go through the full range of diabetes ICD-10 codes and provide some guidelines for how to use them appropriately in your medical records.

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What Are the ICD-10 Codes for Abdominal Pain? Complete List

Do you have a patient complaining of stomach pain with no clear cause?  Not sure what to write in their chart? Not to worry! You can use the ICD-10 codes for abdominal pain  to indicate specifically what kind of discomfort they’re suffering even if you aren’t sure of the cause. In this article, I’ll list the abdominal pain ICD-10 codes starting with R10.*, plus a few key guidelines for using them.

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Green Poop? Don’t Panic – What It Means

Did you get up from the toilet and suddenly notice green poop? Oh no! Don’t worry. Most of the time this is nothing to worry about, even if it’s bright or green, solid or diarrhea. But it’s still useful to pay attention to your green poo to make sure you’re not missing any bigger issues. Here we’ll cover all the potential causes of green poop, in both adults and kids. You’ll learn what to do if you’re currently having this problem.

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6 Easy Steps: How to Insert a Tampon

Tampons might sound weird and uncomfortable to the uninitiated, but they’re really a super simple and convenient way to manage your period.  They can help you move around more easily and feel less self conscious, even during days when you have a heavier flow. In this article, I’ll walk you through how to insert a tampon, step-by-step. I’ll give you tips for using tampons safely and effectively. At the end of this, you should be putting in tampons with no problems!

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Does Black Seed Oil Really Work? Scientific Analysis of Benefits

The world of natural supplements can be confusing because there are so many misleading claims about their benefits floating around the internet. Black seed oil is one of the more intriguing natural supplements on the market because of its rich history as an herbal medicine. In this article, I’ll provide all the most current information on black seed oil, including what it is, black seed oil benefits, what it can’t do (according to recent scientific research), and the best places to buy black seed oil. Unlike other guides, we don’t want to dwell on hype and false promises – we only[…]

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Important: Read This Before Getting a Belly Button Piercing

Belly button piercings may appear totally cool and effortless from an outside perspective, but they actually require serious commitment if you want them to look good in the long run. They heal slower than many other types of body piercings, and they require a significant amount of aftercare. This guide will take you through the piercing process and show you how to avoid potential problems as you heal. If you follow this advice, you’ll be showing off a piercing that is both stylish and healthy in no time!

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Best Blood Pressure Chart: Understanding Your Readings

Do you have a blood pressure reading and are unsure about what it means? Do you actually have high blood pressure? What blood pressure ranges do you fall under? The blood pressure chart in this article and its accompanying guidelines will help you determine exactly what your reading means and whether you should take action to avoid health problems in the future. We’ll tell you what the major blood pressure ranges are, and how to lower your high blood pressure.

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