1.5 Inch Dick: How Small Is It? Can You Satisfy a Partner?


If you’ve got questions about penis size, we’ve got answers. For this article, we’re looking at 1.5-inch penises. Is a 1.5-inch dick small? Is it normal? Continue reading to learn just how big a 1.5-inch dick is in the grand scheme of penis size, and get tips if you’re worried you might be on the smaller side.


How Big Is a 1.5-Inch Dick Compared With the Average?

When we talk about penis length, we typically mean erect penis length (versus flaccid penis length). So just how big (or how small) is an erect 1.5-inch penis? What about a flaccid 1.5-inch penis?

According to a comprehensive study of penis size published in 2015 in the British Journal of Urology International, the average erect penis length is 5.16 inches, and the average flaccid penis length is 3.61 inches. This means that a 1.5-inch dick (erect or flaccid) is below average.

But just how small is it? To answer this, let’s look at the study’s percentile chart. According to this data, an erect 1.5-inch (3.8-cm) penis falls below the 1st percentile—i.e., the lowest end of the percentile range.

In other words, a 1.5-inch penis is comparatively quite small, with more than 99 percent of men having erect penises longer than 1.5 inches.


Is a 1.5-Inch Penis a Micropenis?

Now that you know a 1.5-inch dick is indeed quite small, you might be wondering whether it counts as a micropenis. By most definitions, a 1.5-inch penis is considered a micropenis.

In science, a micropenis is typically defined as a normal-functioning penis that’s at least 2.5 standard deviations below the average penis length. In the study above, a micropenis is any penis that’s 3.35 inches (8.5 cm) or less in stretched length (i.e., the length of a flaccid penis when stretched).

Since stretched penile length is closely related to erect penile length, we can assume that a 1.5-inch erect penis is also about 1.5 inches when flaccid and stretched. Thus, this indicates that, for this study, a 1.5-inch dick would be considered a micropenis.

Note, though, that there isn’t a hard-and-fast definition for micropenis length. Some sources define the condition as an erect penis that’s 2 inches or less, 2.8 inches or less, or less than 3 inches. But for nearly all definitions, a 1.5-inch penis fits the requirements.


4 Tips for Making the Most Of a Small Penis

If you have a 1.5-inch dick and think you’re way too small or are worried you won’t be able to satisfy future partners, don’t! Regardless of your penis size, you can enjoy sex and be great at it, too.

Here are four key tips for making the most of your small penis:

  • Be open with your partner: Communication is key to having a great sex life, no matter how small your penis is. So talk to your partner about what he/she likes sexually, what you like sexually, and what can be done to make the experience better for both of you.
  • Stick with positions better suited for smaller members: Not all positions work as well for small penises, so look for articles online, such as this one by Bustle or this one by Refinery29, to learn how to use your 1.5-inch dick more effectively in bed.
  • Focus on foreplay and oral sex: Don’t think of penetrative sex as the be all and end all of sex. Rather, spend more time on foreplay and study up on oral sex tactics to drive your partner wild.
  • Consider anal sex: If you’re a guy in a heterosexual relationship with a woman, anal sex could offer both of you a fun (and more size-appropriate) alternative to vaginal sex. Just be sure to consult your partner before trying anything new!

Ultimately, whether you have a 1.5-inch dick or a 7.5-inch dick, you can (and will!) have a great sex life. Just be honest with your partner, be willing to figure out what works best for you two, and above all have fun!